How to Build a Work-from-Home Infrastructure That Performs

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, having the ability to work from home is downright necessary. While businesses have been researching more work-from-home options since the advent of the internet, now it’s important to stop the spread of a deadly virus. If you’re still figuring out ways to optimize your work-from-home infrastructure, look no further—here’s how to work with a telecommunications company in Atlanta, GA to build one that will meet all of your needs. You may never need to set foot in the office again!

As business owners scramble to find the right technology for the pivot to remote working, it’s important to identify the right products for your needs. Are you looking to get things running as fast as possible, or do you have highly complex business needs with thousands of users or employees? Whatever your requirements are, let your telecommunications and network security provider in Atlanta, GA know so they can help you make the right choices:

  • A quick fix: If you’re temporarily working from home or want to ease into remote work, we suggest started with cloud-based services. You’ll be able to manage shared storage, access shared computers from home devices and support roaming users. Pair this with tools like Microsoft Teams or Zoom to mimic the in-person communications and meetings you once relied upon.
  • Thousands of users: Businesses and schools, especially, have been working on ways to create secure and useful learning or work environments for their users. Whether you choose cloud-based services or a scalable, on-premises hardware set, you’ll be able to manage the hundreds or thousands of users that you deal with each day.
  • Complex work and thousands of users: Healthcare facilities, major national corporations and other complex businesses tend to benefit from scalable, flexible solutions that can handle major spikes in data and application usage. These types of companies often require high volumes of storage and have unpredictable workloads. When you’re researching providers, ask them if they’ve ever worked with a company of your size and scale before. Make sure to let them know what kind of workloads, data usage and other considerations need to be addressed.

Switching to a virtual workforce is a big step for many companies, but it’s obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon. If you’re still searching for solutions, talking to a reputable telecommunications company is the key to keeping your employees and customers happy, healthy and productive. After all, if the network is constantly down or your employees aren’t able to do their jobs from the available interface, you’ll lose more valuable time and money than you would spend to install a new remote work infrastructure.

Is it time for your company to upgrade? Working with The Bandwidth Team can ensure that you have an accessible, functional and scalable remote infrastructure that meets all of your employee and customer needs. Our telecommunications company in Atlanta, GA will work with you to custom design a plan, and can upgrade or scale back on demand. Call today to get started.

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