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Your business’ network is the backbone for its communications. Whether it’s supporting data transfer to and from the cloud, to robust VoIP phone routing, to streaming data resources, The Bandwidth Team, based in Atlanta, GA, brings businesses the solutions they need to keep information flowing smoothly.

We design and deploy robust network for our customers, to ensure speed and uptime are maximized in a cost effective solution..

  • Fiber Optic Internet:
    Nothing moves faster than the speed of light, which is why modern businesses need fiber optic ethernet. Fiber optics give you supercharged data transmission speeds, so you can lean heavily on your growing digital infrastructure without suffering lag times or slowdowns.
  • SD-WAN:
    SD-WAN gives you complete control over your data traffic, so you can prioritize, flag and even deny certain types of network signals. Best of all, SD-WAN optimizes data to ensure it’s always fast, even when the network is congested or there are routing issues. It’s a low-maintenance solution to a stronger network.
  • Cable Internet:
    Cable Internet is an incredibly affordable solution to businesses looking for fast Internet speeds with a quick installation. With install times in as little as one-week you can be up and running fast! Coupled with a fiber optic circuit, cable Internet is the best solution for a backup Internet to keep your business up and running.
  • MPLS:
    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) promotes better packet exchange for enhanced network flexibility and reliability. You won’t have to worry about slowdowns or bogged-up connections with an MPLS at the helm of your network. It’s a solution many based in Atlanta, GA businesses have moved to with great results for their network functionality.
  • Fixed Wireless:
    No physical fiber or physical infrastructure near your office, no problem! With fixed wireless you can reach speeds of 1000 Mbps with no cables, all you need is a clear line of site back to the tower. Our technology providers can install in as little as two weeks!

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