Digital Security based in Atlanta, GA

As technology improves and our dependence on it increases, so does the need for digital security. The Bandwidth Team, based in Atlanta, GA, knows the essential security technologies that protect businesses. Using DDoS prevention, Firewall as a Service, and SD-WAN solutions we’ll help you secure your data against everything from malicious access attempts to network to DDoS attacks.

We focus on end-to-end security. We understand that attacks can come from anywhere, for any reason—even when you have IT security solutions in place. Let us apply our experience to protect your business and do a review of your current security solutions

SD-WAN based in Atlanta, GA

A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) offer Atlanta, GA businesses a broad scope of control over their network security. Not only can you monitor network traffic at every level, you can flag, prioritize and deny certain forms of data to protect your network from malicious attempts. Whether it’s the primary defense system for your network or part of a broader approach, SD-WAN has benefits beyond security that make it an integral part of any business’ long-term infrastructure growth plans.

DDoS Prevention based in Atlanta, GA

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming increasingly common, and can disrupt the network functionality of businesses big and small. You need DDoS protection to keep your network live and functional. Using tools from your our telecommunications providers, we can help you configure protection from DDoS attacks, wherever and whenever they might strike. We’ll help you keep your network up and protected so you can continue to do business as usual—even under an active DDoS attack.

Firewall as a Service

A firewall protects your network against incoming and outgoing transmissions, giving you control over what’s shared or requested. It’s your first line of defense against untrusted external networks. Through Firewall as a Service (FwaaS), we move your security to the cloud and configure it for optimal performance, so your network is always secure. It’s a unified security solution that’s easy to manage and much more robust that a on-premise firewall. Using FwaaS you are able to increase the reliability of your network through redundancy that only a cloud firewall can offer.


Protect Your Digital Infrastructure

The Bandwidth Team knows what it takes to deploy encompassing security measures. We’ll help you protect your business’ network and cloud system, as well as the data transmissions that occur each and every day. Contact us today at 404-996-1451 to learn more about how you can protect your business’ vital digital systems from malicious targeting.

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