About Us

The Bandwidth Team, based in Atlanta, GA, is a telecom and technology provider you can trust. We work on behalf of businesses all over the US to secure better Internet, telecommunications and IT solutions, tailored with your success in mind. We’re proud to have provided technology and telcom solutions for hundreds of clients—from Fortune 500 companies to small independent business owners.

Customized Solutions

We’re proud of our long history of successfully implementing Internet and telecom solutions specific to our customers. Our team of experienced consults will work with you to determine your business’ objectives—then we deploy solutions specific to those needs. Our voice, data, cloud and security solutions aren’t just right for your business today; they’ll help you scale and grow into the business you want to be tomorrow.

We Represent your Business not the Technology Provider

We consider our clients as partners, and we always work to meet your needs. While telecommunications companies are intent on selling specific products or representing their brands, we take the opposite approach and consider your needs first. Whether it’s a new UCaaS, cloud-hosted apps or enhanced network security, our allegiance rests with the business we serve.

Our company aims to be the premier single-source technology consultant in the industry. We offer what no telecommunications company can: the truth with regard to what technology and telecommunications providers can deliver. Expect honest representation and tailored recommendations from us, every time.

A Single Point of Contact

Vetting telecom providers and technologies is a lot of work. Most businesses don’t have the time or the patience to go through dozens of solutions to find the right one. That’s why we do it for you! We consider your needs and pair them with the right solutions, delivered to you through a representative who takes the time to learn and understand your business needs. We take a many-to-one approach—we’ll deal with the many options, while you work with one single point of contact. We make solutions simple!


We Help You Grow Your Business

The Bandwidth Team doesn’t just provide telecom and technology solutions to businesses—we provide the means to grow and succeed. Contact us today at 404-996-1451 to learn more about how we can assist you with customized products and services.

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