What Is a Cloud Contact Center?

Cloud contact centers allow businesses to access software that would once only have been available if they had the appropriate hardware on-site. Cloud services in Atlanta, GA are more flexible and innovative than ever: you’ll be able to get exactly the communications services you need, and nothing you don’t. Voice, email, social media, internet and more are all available through the cloud. If you own a business in the Atlanta area, you should consider partnering with a cloud contact center service.

What cloud contact centers do

A cloud contact center is an external communications point that handles data, from call routing to email and messaging. Instead of routing your business communications to a call center, which is a physical, external organization, you can use a cloud contact center to handle the software and hardware your business requires.

Cloud contact centers can route calls, emails and more to the right employee, depending on your specific needs. They’re also much easier to scale up and down than working with a traditional contact center—because there’s no hardware installed at your business, it’s easy to pick and choose which services you need and which you’re ready to get rid of. For example, you can easily get on-demand phone numbers and VoIP services in Atlanta, GA for any country you work with. Most services are instantaneously deployed so that you get what you want, when you want it.

How to choose a cloud contact center provider

When you’re ready to upgrade from your older, on-site hardware to a cloud contact center, it’s crucial to pick the right company. You need a company that’s affordable, reliable and able to handle your business’s size and needs. Here are some of the considerations you should factor into your choice:

  • Uptime: Reliability is key, so make sure you pick a company with a record of at least 99 percent uptime. Don’t make it harder for potential customers to reach you.
  • SMS: About 90 percent of customers want to be able to talk to businesses via text, so choose a company that can handle this demand.
  • SIP trunking: If your employees need physical phones, SIP trunking makes it possible to route concurrent calls to physical lines.
  • Video, chat and click-to-call: The easier you make it for customers to contact you, the better. Look for a provider that offers these features for higher customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Mobile customer care: Does your business have an app? Might it in the future? If so, choose a company that can handle mobile customer care.
  • Web-based interfaces: With a web-based interface, your employees can make calls straight from a browser, eliminating the need for additional hardware in physical locations.
  • Distributed software layers: This feature makes it possible for you to get a wide range of services without having to negotiate with individual carriers.

For reliable, scalable and affordable cloud services in Atlanta, GA, work with The Bandwidth Team. Since 2016, we’ve helped local businesses stay connected. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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