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The Bandwidth Team provides custom technology solutions for businesses of all sizes, so they can grow their capabilities and reach new levels of success. “Our solutions include unified communication as a service, fiber Internet, conferencing systems, cloud hosting and much more. We’re the authority on unified communications and IT managed services, and we work hard to implement technology solutions that enable business growth. Call us today to discuss the technologies your business needs to move toward the future.

Grow Your Business’ Digital Infrastructure Into the Future

Technology is a core part of any based in Atlanta, GA business. You need the ability to pick up the phone and call clients, send an email, transfer data and more. The ability to do these things and keep your business successful depends on your technology service provider you choose to work with. The Bandwidth Team stands ready to make sure yours is fully supportive and highly conducive to business success.

We bring our customers solutions from more than 200 different technology companies!

As a veteran telecom company and technology broker, we understand the digital demands of modern businesses. We source a broad range of products to meet them, while bringing everything together in customized solutions. We represent your business—not telecommunications and technology companies! Our focus on our customers means we’re always acting in your best interest, providing solutions you actually need. Trust us to provide honest evaluations, recommendations and guidance. We listen to you to gauge your needs, wants and expectations, and we’re mindful about offering the right voice, data, network, cloud and security solutions. Whether you’re looking for a streamlined unified communication as a service (UCaaS) solution or are thinking of migrating to the business cloud, we’ll help you get it done right.

  • We’re known for delivering and implementing customized solutions for all businesses.
  • Let us connect you with the technology provider and the solution your business needs — without all the hassles of going it on your own.
  • When you work with us, you’ll always have a single point of contact you can talk to no matter what company you work with.
  • We can save you up to 70% on voice and data services through bundled solutions!

Our allegiance to our customers has led us to support companies of all types & sizes

Whether you’re a new, up-and-coming commerce with a tight budget or a multinational enterprise with integrated communications needs, we’re confident in our ability to assist you. You’ll get all the benefits of robust digital infrastructure solutions, backed by proven experience, a single point of contact, free consulting and more! We demonstrate value beyond the products we provide, so you can grow your business as our partner, not just a customer.

Bring Scalable Success to Your Business based in Atlanta, GA

Tomorrow’s successes are built atop today’s investments in technologies and business solutions. It’s time to upgrade your business’ digital infrastructure. Call us today to learn more about how.

We provide telecommunications services to all 50 states, including the following cities and surrounding areas near our office location:
Atlanta, GA | Marietta, GA | Roswell, GA | Alpharetta, GA | Duluth, GA | Lawrenceville, GA | Kennesaw, GA | Acworth, GA

Frequently Asked Questions
What is cloud computing and how can it benefit my business?

Cloud computing is a technology that allows users to access and use computing resources (such as servers, storage, and databases) over the internet. It benefits businesses by providing flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency, and the ability to access resources and data from anywhere, leading to improved collaboration and agility.

How does UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) support business communication?

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) supports business communication by providing a centralized platform that integrates various communication tools such as voice, video, messaging, and collaboration applications. This seamless integration enhances collaboration, improves efficiency, and allows for flexible and scalable communication solutions for businesses.

What are the advantages of implementing SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Networking) for my business?

Implementing SD-WAN for your business offers advantages such as improved network efficiency, cost savings through better utilization of bandwidth, and enhanced application performance. Additionally, SD-WAN provides centralized control, agility, and flexibility in managing network resources, contributing to a more scalable and responsive infrastructure.

How can fiber services improve the connectivity and speed of my business network?

Fiber services can enhance the connectivity and speed of your business network by offering higher bandwidth capabilities, allowing for faster data transfer and seamless communication. Additionally, fiber-optic technology is known for its reliability and low latency, contributing to improved overall network performance.

What security measures are in place for data stored in the cloud?

Data stored in the cloud is typically secured through encryption, both in transit and at rest, to protect it from unauthorized access. Additionally, cloud providers implement access controls, authentication mechanisms, and regular security audits to ensure the overall security of the stored data.

How can UCaaS help streamline business processes and increase productivity?

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) can streamline business processes by providing a centralized platform for communication and collaboration, integrating features like voice, video, messaging, and file sharing. This unified approach enhances connectivity, fosters efficient communication among team members, and ultimately boosts productivity by reducing communication silos and streamlining information exchange.

What are the cost implications of implementing SD-WAN for my business?

The cost implications of implementing SD-WAN for a business vary depending on factors such as the size of the network, desired features, and deployment model. Generally, businesses may experience initial setup costs, ongoing subscription fees for SD-WAN services, and potential savings in operational expenses due to improved network efficiency.

How reliable are fiber services compared to traditional internet connections?

Fiber services are generally considered more reliable than traditional internet connections due to their use of optical fibers that transmit data at high speeds and are less susceptible to interference. Fiber-optic technology provides greater stability and faster data transfer, making it a more reliable choice for internet connectivity.

Can cloud services be customized to suit the specific needs of my business?

Yes, cloud services can be customized to suit the specific needs of your business. Many cloud providers offer a range of services and configurations that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different organizations. This customization includes scalability, storage options, security settings, and integration with other business applications.

Does UCaaS support mobile devices and remote work?

Yes, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) typically supports mobile devices, allowing users to access communication tools such as messaging, voice, and video calling on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, UCaaS is designed to facilitate remote work by providing a unified platform that enables collaboration and communication among dispersed teams, making it a valuable solution for remote work scenarios. The flexibility of UCaaS makes it well-suited for modern work environments that prioritize mobility and remote collaboration.

What is the scalability of SD-WAN and how can it accommodate business growth?

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) offers excellent scalability as it enables organizations to easily adjust their network resources based on demand. By utilizing virtualization and centralized control, SD-WAN can efficiently accommodate business growth by dynamically allocating bandwidth, optimizing traffic, and seamlessly integrating new locations into the network. This scalability enhances flexibility, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness for businesses scaling their operations.

How secure are fiber services in terms of protecting sensitive business information?

Fiber services are generally considered highly secure for protecting sensitive business information. Fiber-optic networks transmit data using light signals, making it difficult for hackers to intercept or tamper with the information. Additionally, fiber-optic connections are often encrypted, adding an extra layer of security to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive business data.

Can cloud services integrate with existing business software and applications?

Yes, cloud services can integrate seamlessly with existing business software and applications. Many cloud providers offer APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow for easy integration and communication between cloud services and existing software. This integration enables businesses to leverage the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining compatibility with their current systems.

What kind of support and maintenance is provided for cloud services?

Cloud service providers typically offer various levels of support and maintenance for their services. This can include technical support, troubleshooting assistance, and regular updates to ensure security and performance. Service level agreements (SLAs) define the specific terms and conditions of support, outlining response times, availability guarantees, and other relevant details.

Are there any specific compliance regulations that businesses need to consider when using cloud services, UCaaS, SD-WAN, or fiber services?

Yes, businesses using cloud services, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network), or fiber services need to adhere to various compliance regulations. These may include data protection laws such as GDPR or HIPAA, depending on the nature of the data being handled. Additionally, industry-specific regulations and standards may apply, and businesses should ensure they comply with these to mitigate legal and security risks.

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